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Newspaper Articles about POTS

POTS in the News

One way to raise awareness about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is to try to get an article in your local newspaper.  Here are some recent newspaper articles featuring people just like you from around the country. 

Fundraiser for Horry County man with POTS happening Sunday. Abc15 News: Posted Feb 28, 2020   Read More

Woman raising thousands for service dog to combat POTS. Channel 7 News Carolina: Posted Feb 19, 2020   Read More

Dr. Yang Ahn treats Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome "POTS" using acupuncture. Yahoo! News: Posted Feb 10, 2020   Read More

People with disabilities are still struggling to find employment — here are the obstacles they face. CNBC News: Posted Mar 3, 2020   Read More

Colorado woman hopes to inspire others with chronic illness. WKRN: Posted Feb 14, 2020   Read More

Heroic 10-year-old saves mom’s life after medical emergency while driving. WBTV News: Posted Mar 2, 2020   Read More

Osceola mom says daughter is banned from school events because of medical condition. WESH 2 News: Posted Mar 6, 2020   Read More

Let’s dish about POTS EHLERS-DANLOS News: Posted Oct 7, 2019   Read More

Stories from people with POTS pour in after Summer Dashe announces illness. Abc15 News: Posted Dec 11, 2019   Read More

Molly’s Kids - new diagnosis for Miss Teen United States contestant, Abigale Smuda. WBTV News: Posted Jan 29, 2020   Read More

Brigham employee battles POTS disorder to run BAA 10K. Boston Herald: Posted June 23, 2019   Read More

Woman’s mysterious condition caused her to faint multiple times a day: Doctors thought 'it was all in my head' Fox News: Sept 27, 2019   Read More

What to know about positional headaches. Medical News Today: Posted Nov 12, 2019   Read More

Mother with dysautonomia raises awareness and funds with weightlifting. WPSD Local: Posted Oct 12, 2019   Read More

Wittenberg professor wins award for Standing Up to POTS. Springfield News-Sun: Posted May 12, 2019   Read More

11-year-old girl gets lifesaving surgery at Wolfson Children’s Hospital after her heart stops beating. CBS/FOX Action News: Posted Dec 31, 2019   Read More

12 'Embarrassing' Symptoms of POTS We Don't Talk About. Yahoo! News: Posted Apr 18, 2019   Read More

A doctor said it was all in her head, but it was 'the most common condition you've never heard of. CNN News: Posted June 26. 2019   Read More

First potential biomarker for a debilitating fainting condition. Science Daily News: Posted Sept 9, 2019   Read More

This service dog took the cutest trip to Walt Disney World. ABC Action News: Posted May 27, 2019   Read More

Restaurant teams up with KC Ronald McDonald House for Giving Tuesday. KSHB News: Posted Dec 3, 2019   Read More

Speedskater Brittany Bowe after concussion: "I wasn't sure returnign to sport would even be an option." Posted Oct 19, 2017  Read More

The POTsies Chester County Press: Posted Oct 19, 2017   Read More

Cat with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome finds loving home with researcher who has the same condition. Metro News UK: Posted Jan 15, 2020   Read More

Watch the adorable moment this service dog meets Dug from ‘Up’. New York Post: Posted Dec 17, 2019   Read More

Riverton mother's life turned upside down by mysterious illness,, December 15, 2016   Read More

Buffalo Grove's Akiyoshi excels in spite of POTS challenge, Daily Herald, December 5, 2016  Read More

Bertrand teen living with POTS,, November 2, 2016  Read More

Research Sheds Light on Genetic Cause of Frustrating Syndrome, Sci-News, October 18, 2016  Read More

The One Reason Your Doctor May Want You to Eat More Salt, Shape Magazine, October 14, 2016  Read More

'My mouldy house left me bedridden': Woman claims damp triggered her rare condition which means she feels dizzy whenever she stands up, October 13, 2016  Read More

Valley Zebras support group formed to help those with rare syndromes, October 13, 2016  Read More

USF vs UCONN Game to Honor the Reigning Miss Tampa, Tampa Patch, October 13, 2016  Read More

Winona high school student barred from Homecoming Weekend for health concerns, KTTC, October 12, 2016  Read More

Local women living with invisible illness refuses to let it define it, Kern Golden Empire, October 12, 2016  Read More

Clinton to promote family agenda in Haverford today, Daily Times News, October 3, 2016  Read More

Brannon overcomes 'invisible disease' to play soccer again, La Crosse Tribune, September 28, 2016  Read More

18-year-old photographer managing hidden illness to shoot with NatGeo, WUSA 9, May 4, 2016  Read More

Northwestern Middle Schooler Inspires "Standing Up to POTS 5K," New Carlisle News, April 12, 2016  Read More

Despair Turned to Hope for Andrea Hayes with Pain Control Programme, Irish Examiner, March 10, 2016  Read More

An invisible illness: Buchanan student Tiffany Johnson shares her story, Clovis Roundup, March 9, 2016  Read More

Frederick County Girl Scouts Earn Gold Award, Highest Honor, November 29, 2015  Read More

Young woman campaigns to educate about her disease, The Virginian Pilot, November 27, 2015  Read More

Battling Dysautonomia, Daniel Boone's Reina an Inspiration, October 4, 2015  Read More

How One Girl Is Surviving A Common Yet Mysterious Syndrome That Threatened to Ruin Her Life, October 1, 2015  Read More

Advocate takes own life a year after testifying for expanded mental health treatment, The Columbus Dispatch, September 4, 2015  Read More

Student with POTS faces fears, The Charlotte Observer, August 27, 2015  Read More

Meet the model who faints every time she stands up, Irish Mirror, July 1, 2015  Read More

Williams' Comeback An Inspirational Story, Hawgs Illustrated, June 17, 2015  Read More

Race After Race, Teenager Crosses Finish Line, Then Collapses, New York Times, June 14, 2015  Read More

Doctors Fail To Diagnose Nurse With Rare Disease, Condition Now Fatal, Opposing Views, June 7, 2015  Read More

I Thought I Was Pregnant but I Actually Had a Debilitating Disease, Cosmopolitan, June 4, 2015  Read More

La Porte woman works to raise awareness for POTS, Herald Argus, June 2, 2015  Read More

Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination, The Independent, May 31, 2015  Read More

I Was Just A Typical Teen Who Loved To Dance Until I Discovered The Rare Disorder Responsible For My Crazy Flexibility Was Also Destroying My Body: EmJ was a typical teenager who spent most of her time dancing until she was diagnosed with a rare tissue disorder, Seventeen, May 27, 2015  Read More

Finding balance: Leesburg teen battles symptoms, isolation of obscure disease,, May 21, 2015  Read More

Fundraiser set for Upper Merion Area High School teen battling rare disease, Times Herald, May 26, 2015  Read More

Medford resident increases awareness about POTS, Wicked Local Medford, May 14, 2015  Read More

Mount nursing student has expulsion overturned, Times Herald-Record, May 10, 2015  Read More

Taking it in stride: Hunt junior West slowed, but not sidelined by POTS, The Wilson Times, May 2, 2015  Read More

'Bubble girl' is allergic to life, CNN, May 1, 2015  Read More

The girl who's allergic to everything, CBS News, May 1, 2015  Read More

Runner with a Cause: Standing Up to POTS 5k, The Wittenberg Torch, April 26, 2015  Read More

Event to help Springfield girl battle POTS disease, Springfield News Sun, April 25, 2015  Read More

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret, Health Impact News, April 21, 2015  Read More

HPV Vaccine: Will my Life Ever be Normal Again?  Health Impact News, April 21, 2015  Read More

Proper diagnosis of rare disorder can greatly improve quality of life, CTV News, April 20, 2015  Read More

Glasford teenager struggles with headaches, depression, fatigue before Mayo Clinic diagnosis. Journal Star, April 14, 2015  Read More

Social media awareness campaign fosters visibility and acceptance for POTS. The Pendulum: Elon University's Student News Organization, April 8, 2015  Read More

Frequent Fainting: a Sign of Autonomic Nervous System Trouble?  Postural tachycardia syndrome affects 500,000 to 3 million Americans. US News and World Report, April 8, 2015  Read More

Harder than MIT:Living with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, The Tech, April 2, 2015    Read More

McCabe: St. Ignace's Autumn Orm battles disorder, doesn't quit, Detroit Free Press, March 23, 2015    Read More

2014 Osceola Fundamental High valedictorian home from MIT found dead at TIA, Tampa Bay Times, March 12, 2015    Read More

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type: A Genetic Predisposition to the Development of Various Functional Somatic Syndromes, The Pain Foundation, March 11, 2015  Read More

It Wasn’t by Choice: Dysautonomia, Hormones Matter, March 9, 2015  Read More

Miller flourishes on court despite disorder, Loudoun Times, February 19, 2015    Read More

Why Couldn’t She Stand Up for More Than a Minute, The New York Times Magazine, February 18, 2015    Read More

More than a Pinch of Salt, Mayo Clinic, February 17, 2015    Read More

Think Like a Doctor: Swept Off Her Feet Solved, The New York Times, February 12, 2015    Read More

My Life: With a chronic illness, plans often go awry, Richmond Times Gazette, January 27, 2015  Read More

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Tiger News Online, January 26, 2015  Read More

The Devastating Illness That Doctors Brushed Off as PMS, Cosmopolitan, January 9, 2015  Read More

Buchholz student seeks to raise awareness for her nervous system condition, The Gainesville Times, October 10, 2014  Read More

Jackson girl faces rare disease, fundraiser planned,, October 10, 2014  Read More

Hollywood has it wrong: I’m a teenager with an illness, and it’s not glamorous at all, The Washington Pots, September 12, 2014  Read More

Book documents Northwestern Middle School student’s battle with POTS, Springfield News Sun, August 16, 2014  Read More

POTS: when the dizziness doesn’t go away, The Boston Globe, June 17, 2014  Read More

Woman targeted, harassed over handicap tag, CBS 6, May 6, 2014  Read More

Proper diagnosis of rare disorder can greatly improve quality of life, CVT News, April 20, 2014  Read More

5 Things to Do When Symptoms Are Not 'All in Your Head', HuffPost Health and Fitness, April 11, 2014  Read More

I have two rare diseases! Cosmopolitan, May 13, 2013  Read More

Limb dislocation: Phoebe Bruce's Ehlers-Danlos syndrome treatment, BBC News, January 17, 2013  Read More

Mother's battle to get daughter's illness diagnosed, ITV News, September 30, 2012  Read More

Why would a Wiggle faint? Actor's story, NBC News, April 13, 2012  Read More

What Astronauts Have Taught Doctors About Fainting, ABC News Radio, 2012  Read More

Maple Grove Hockey Tourney Raises POTS Awareness, CBS Minnesota, December 10, 2011  Read More

Your Teenager: Depressed, Anxious... or This? HuffPost Healthy Living, October 21, 2011  Read More

Ailment Can Steal Youth From the Young, The New York Times, October 17, 2011  Read More

Heart-pounding help for 'Grinch syndrome' sufferers, NBC News, June 20, 2011  Read More

Rare disease makes Caledonia girl, former ballet dancer faint from standing, Michigan Live, December 6, 2010  Read More

Mother of Teen Finds Cure for Mystery Disease Online, ABC News, July 13, 2010  Read More

Migraines, memory loss: Was it all in his head?  Washington Post, February 16, 2010  Read More