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Other Possible POTS Comorbidities

Finding the Underlying Cause of POTS can Improve Quality of Life

"As with any abnormal clinical state, if we can identify and treat the underlying cause, we are much more likely to significantly improve the patient’s health and well being than if we just use “band aid” treatments, such as beta blockers or Florinef.  For example, if there is severe anemia, most physicians would try to determine if the patient has a bleeding ulcer, leukemia or other cause rather than just giving blood transfusions. Dysautonomia is like anemia - it is an abnormal clinical state and an underlying condition has to be driving that abnormal clinical state.  I believe we should work to improve awareness of this concept in the medical community and work to characterize the underlying causes and their incidences in patients with dysautonomia." ~Dr. Jill Schofield

Possible POTS Comorbidities

Here is a list of some common underlying causes for POTS.