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Developing POTS after pregnancy and COVID

Victoria, age 30, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm married and we have a one year old little girl at home, I was diagnosed with POTS this past year but I believe I developed it while I was pregnant. I was faint, dizzy, had migraines, blurred vision, fast heart rate upon standing and simple tasks, weakness, GI issues and brain fog. The list goes on. 

I was three months postpartum when I developed COVID. I really noticed something wasn't right. It was hard not understanding what was happening with me, so I got dropped off at the hospital and a ER doctor suggested I get tested for POTS. I was later diagnosed by my family doctor and a special medicine doctor as well. 

I'm still in the process of trying to see what medication will help the most! 

I think one of the most frustrating parts of POTS is that not everyone understands it and think I don't look "sick".

POTS has definitely changed how my life is now, I'm unable to drive due to migraines and I can still pass out while sitting, so I feel it's dangerous to myself and others on the road. 

I'm looking for a work-from-home job for now while I take care of my little one. I have hope that things will hopefully get better. I have lots of support from my lovely husband, family and friends and that's what really helps!