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POTS and MALS discovery post COVID-19 infection

Brooke, age 21, Australia

I am a current undergraduate Nurse working in addiction and mental health. I had COVID in 2021 and again in December 2023 resulting in constant syncope and orthostatic tachycardia reaching as high as 150 beats per minute at rest.

It took 12 months from onset of symptoms to diagnose POTS and median arcuate ligament syndrome. POTS has affected my sweating, breathing, walking, stomach motility and energy levels. Living with dysautonomia post COVID has gradually worsened but is now managed with regular cardiac medication.

On a good day, I can expect to be studying and working as usual. However on a bad day when my POTS is flaring, I feel as though I am unable to move without collapsing. I hope that you never feel as though you are alone. With the help of specialists and ongoing medications, I can now manage a mostly normal life. Advocate for yourself always. You are number one!

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