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POTS Newscasts

POTS Newscasts

There are many ways to increase awareness about POTS.  Here are some families that got their stories on the news or hospital commercials.  Way to raise awareness!

New study finds link between POTS and Long COVID. Today Show. January 2023. View video

How COVID could trigger a debilitating disorder in the nervous system. NBC News. January 2023. View video

Debilitating heart condition POTS linked to COVID-19 and, in rare cases, vaccines. WNDU Channel 16, December 16, 2022. View video

Mother finds effective treatment for POTS. Nov 16, 2022 View Video

"I feel useless": Disease that causes young woman to pass out constantly may be on the rise amid COVID.  News 5 Cleveland, October 25, 2022 View video

Cleveland Clinic doctors see increase of POTS in pediatric patients after COVID-19. WTVR Channel 6, September 27, 2022 View video

"Now he sleeps a lot": Mother speaks up about son's traumatic brain injury caused by neurological disease. Saskatoon News, August 23, 2022 View video

Arkansas woman breaks world record to raise awareness for POTS. KTHV Channel 11, August 20, 2022. View video

"It was super scary": Long-COVID and the rise of POTS diagnoses. KOIN Channel 6, April 6, 2022 View video

Long-COVID patients developing POTS. KOIN Channel 6, April 6, 2022 View video

Knox rocks POTS fundraiser event. WATE Channel 6. October 21, 2021 View video

Richmond woman raises awareness for "invisible" illness. WTVR Channel 6, October 18, 2020 View video

POTS: How does it affect your life? (about Nick Foles wife).  View video

P.O.T.S. View video

Riverton mother's life turned upside down by mysterious illness,, December 15, 2016  View Video

High School senior with rare disease beats the odds, Upper Michigan Source, February 22, 2016  View video

Woman Called "Faker" Because of Invisible Illness, September 30, 2015.  3 minutes.  View video

Woman Shares Story of Rare Heart Syndrome, June 29, 2015. 3 minutes.  View video

Medical Minute: POTS, May 6, 2015  View video

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Olivia's Story. 18 minutes. View video

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) - Mayo Clinic. 5 minutes.  View video

Autonomic Function Disorders and POTS. 5 minutes. View video

P.O.T.S. 3:30 minutes. View video