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List of The POTScast Episodes

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Looking for an older episode of The POTScast? Find them here – it’s easier than digging through the pages of released episodes. We will update these periodically, so you may need to find newer episodes on The POTScast page. Use CTRL F to find the name or title you are looking for on this page.

The POTScast Episodes

E208: Laura and Sharon published a book about Dysautonomia!

E207:Dr. Neil Nathan on Mold and MCAS with Dr. Tania Dempsey - Mast Cell Matters

E206:Brianne Dressen on science-based support for COVID-19 vaccine injured

E205: Dr. Julie Maamari on perioperative considerations for complex patients

E204: Maddie can walk again! A POTS Diary follow-up

E203:Humor in Chronic Illness with DoodleThru Creators Mike & Jill Brook

E202: Dr. Theo Theoharides on mast cells driving dysautonomia and much more


E200: Dr. Leticia Soares, PhD on female reproductive health concerns associated

E199: Listener Q&A with Dr. Tania Dempsey — Mast Cell Matters

E198:POTS Diaries with Arianna from Indiana

E197:Dr. David Kaufman on ME/CFS, MCAS, POTS and complex disorders - Mast Cell Matters

E196:Jolie is Miss Chattanooga, spreading awareness of POTS at the Miss Tennessee pageant

E195: Kelley from Maryland

E194: Podcasts as a Form of Social Support with Dr. Melanie Finney and Kate Pederson

E193: Psychological Experiences of POTS Patients with Dr. Alissa Sheldon

E192: POTS Diary with Erin from Connecticut, who loves to write

E191: Dr. Jeffrey Boris on MCAS, POTS, hypermobility and pediatric cardiology

E190: Possible Causes of Brain Fog, Dizziness and Nausea in POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E189: Functional Medicine Nutrition with Megan Barnett

E188: POTS Diary with Erica from California, an actress and dancer

E187: Dr. Anjali Agarwal, Consulting Physiotherapist

E186:Behind the Scenes of The Triad Film on POTS/MCAS/hypermobility: A Crossover Episode

E185: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Tim and Leah

E184: Breast Implant Illness and MCAS with Breast Surgeon Eva Nagy, MD as part of the Mast Cell Matters Series

E183: Nutrient Deficiencies in POTS with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E182: Diary with Quinton, a fitness enthusiast and Long COVID POTS patient

E181: Venous Insufficiency in POTS with Dr. Alexis Cutchins

E180: Diary with Emily, an urgent care medical assistant who developed POTS

E179: Diary with Leah, a bedbound mom who developed POTS after acute illness

E178: Psychiatric Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Janet Settle as part of the Mast Cell Matters series

E177: Gender Matters in Perceived Burdensomeness in POTS Patients with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E176: POTS Diary with Hanna, a museum educator in Oregon

E175: Graded Exercise and Pacing in POTS with Dr. Catherine Lewan

E174: Building Resilience with Dr. Katie Gorman Ezell and her student Katie

E173: POTS Diary with Kaylee, an ER nurse whose first symptom was blue legs

E172: Pain and Hypermobility with Dr. Linda Bluestein as part of the Mast Cell Matters series

E171: Post-Gardasil POTS Litigation with Attorney Drew Downing

E170: Dehydration, thirst, POTS and long COVID with Dr. Harriet Carroll

E169: Live Recordings from 10th Annual SUTP 5K/2K

E168: Headache Management in POTS with Dr. Karissa Arca

E167: Listener's Questions Answered with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E166: POTS Diary with Lauren, a tennis player who developed POTS with Long COVID

E165: Mast Cell Matters: Documentary on The Triad with Dr. Leonard Weinstock and Dr. Tania Dempsey

E164: POTS after the COVID vaccine with Rachel Hellman, NP

E163: POTS Diary with Courtney, a dog lover from Texas

E162: Eating Disorders in Chronic Illness with Krista Day-Gloe

E161: Heart Rate Variability and Biofeedback with Rohan Dixit

E160: POTS Diaries with Jolie from TN, a mental health advocate who loves to cook

E159: Mast Cell Matters: Mast Cells and their Relationship to POTS and Long COVID with Dr. Andrew Maxwell

E158: POTS Diary with Mikayla from Ohio, a college student who loves to run

E157: POTS Diary with Jessica from North Carolina, a college student who loves to skateboard

E156: POTS Diary with Katie, an artist, cosmotologist, and proud mom of 3

E155: POTSmom Alison from Nebraska, her daughter developed POTS after concussion and worsened after COVID

E154: POTS Diaries with Thomas, a high level jiu jitsu athlete who developed POTS at 20

E153: POTS Diary with Michael who has long COVID after acute infection in 2020

E152: POTS Diary with Autumnizhurr, a content creator and gamer from California

E151: POTS Diary with Rebecca from New Zealand, a young nurse who had to move home to deal with symptoms

E150: Diary with POTSie Lyla and POTSmom Joli

E149: Tried all the recommendations? What to do next?

E148: POTS Diary with Nicole from Texas, news reporter who got a POTS story on the Today Show

E147: Gynecological Issues and Pregnancy in MCAS with Dr. Shanda Dorff

E146: Research on Long COVID and POTS with Marie Claire Seeley

E145: POTS Diary with POTS Parent Leigh from Washington DC

E144: Gut motility in POTS with Dr. Linda Nguyen

E143: POTS Diary with Victoria from New Jersey, a chemical engineering student and cyclist

E142: Unravelling Medical Complexities with Dr. Ilene Ruhoy and Dr. David Kaufman

E141: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Stephen

E140: Romance and Relationships in Chronic Illness with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

E139: Diary with Becca, proud mom from Utah who developed POTS after food poisoning

E138: Advice from Both Sides of Healthcare with Dr. Melanie Hoppers

E137: Update on Long COVID with Dr. Noah Greenspan

E136: POTS Diary with Hannah from South Carolina, who developed POTS after a traumatic brain injury

E135: Gastrointestinal Manifestations of MCAS with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

E134: POTS Diary with Jessie, who was diagnosed with POTS as a teen but didn't receive treatment until much later

E133: The Foundations of Health with Dr. Gregory Plotnikoff

E132: Katie from Ohio, who developed POTS as a teen and a more severe form after COVID

E131: Sofie from MI and her research on Emotional Intelligence

E130: Health Willpower Strategies with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E129: The Importance of the MCAS Consensus Statement 2 with Dr. Lawrence Afrin

E128: Belle from Canada, saline and physiotherapy helped her walk across her graduation stage

E127: New Clues in Plasma Proteins in POTS Patients with Dr. Artur Fedorowski

E126: Home Infusions with Jonathan Abraham, RN BSN CCRN

E125: POTS Diary with Dr. Alisha Alls, who suffered traumatic brain injury leading to her POTS

E124: Pregnancy in POTS Patients with Nurse and Doctoral Candidate Kate Morgan

E123: Argenx Clinical Trial on Post-COVID POTS with Drs. van Middendorp and Fedorowski

E122: Diagnosis and Treatment of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with Dr. Tania Dempsey

E121: Diary with Shelby from KY, a mom who loves to sing and have fun

E120: Autoimmune Diet with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E119: Service Dogs with Trainer Mary McNeight & POTS patient Makenzie

E118: From a POTS Mom's Perspective, Paula from California

E117: POTS Triggers with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E116: Compass Points the Way, a book about living with POTS with author Alexis Kline

E115: Mast Cell Matters with Dr. Tania Dempsey

E114: Rachel from New York, a baker whose life was changed by COVID

E113: Academic POTS in Australia and Life as a POTS Mom with Celine Gallagher, PhD

E112: Limbic System Retraining (part 3) with Dr. Kimberly Hindman

E111: POTS Diary with Allison from Ohio, a nurse whose POTS got worse with concussion

E110: Vagus Nerve Exercises with Dr. Kimberly Hindman (part 2)

E109: Polyvagal Theory and Trauma Release with Dr. Kimberly Hindman (part 1)

E108: Mel from Texas, a nurse living with POTS after a concussion

E107: Benefits of compounding medications for those with sensitivities with Michelle Briest Pharm D

E106: All Things Pediatric POTS with Dr. Jeff Boris and Dr. Jeff Moak

E105: Karen from Missouri, a nurse and mom with POTS symptoms from a young age

E104: Understanding myalgic encephomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome through research and personal experience with Dr. Leonard Jason

E103: Handling Holiday Stress with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

E102: Lacy from Alabama suffers from gastroparesis, pain, and POTS

E101: Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and POTS with Dr. Steven Smith

E100: POTS Research both Past and Future with Dr. Satish Raj

E99: Zoe from Utah, high school senior and aerialist

E98: Sensory Input Shaping Autonomics in Children with Dr. Kevin Lasko

E97: Mackenzie from British Columbia, Canada

E96: Jackie from Vermont, working mom with great symptom management tips

E95: Common POTS Medications with Clinical Pharmacist Dr. Jenna Houk

E94: The Depressing Truth about Depression Scales with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E93: Viral epidemics are related to myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) and POTS with Dr. Byron Hyde

E92: Jenna from Oregon, loves children but struggles with her stamina to work

E91: The Importance of Vitamin D for those with Autoimmune Disorders with D with Dr. Eduardo Beltran

E90: POTS, Small Fiber Neuropathy, and Mystery Symptoms with Dr. David Saperstein

E89: Anna from New York City, college dancer and photographer

E88: Three Types of POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E87: POTS following Long COVID and COVID vaccine injury with Dr. Sujana Reddy

E86: Jamie Lynn from Kentucky

E85: Dealing with Medical Trauma with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

E84: Stephanie w 3 concussions and POTS from MD

E83: Maddie and her therapy dog from Michigan

E82: Are Choline Transporters Implicated in Some POTS Patients? with Dr. Laila Schenkel

E81: Katherine from Pennsylvania

E80: Mary Katherine Stratton from Mississippi

E79: Employment Resources for the Chronically Ill with Chronically Capable CEO and Co-Founder Hannah Olson  

E78: Claire from Australia

E77: Abby from New York

E76: Pediatric POTS and Related Disorders with Dr. Jeffrey Boris

E75: Madison from Illinois

E74: Jolene from MN

E73: Accommodations for School, College, and the Workforce - 504 and IEP plans with Dr. Sally Brannan and Dr. Cathy Pederson

E72: Rita from Massachusetts

E71: Diane from Washington

E70: Autoimmune Dysautonomia and more with Dr. Jill Schofield

E69: Rhonda from Utah

E68: Becky from West Virginia

E67: What is Autoimmunity with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E66: Trina from Arizona

E65: Elli from Oregon

E64: POTS in Kids and What Might Exacerbate Symptoms with Dr. Andrew Maxwell

E63: POTSpouse Jim from New York

E62: POTS Diary with Patty from Massachusetts

E61: POTS after the HPV vaccine with Dr. Tania Dempsey

E60: POTS Diary with Abbie from Texas

E59: Mom on a Mission: The Founding of Standing Up to POTS

E58: Improving Gut Health with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E57: POTS Diary with Alli from Texas

E56: POTS Diary with Amber from NY

E55: Chiari malformation, craniocervical instability, and tethered cord with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E54: The Secret Life of a Martha Graham Dancer with Heidi from Alabama

E53: POTS Diary with Samantha from Colorado

E52: Functional Neurology for POTS with Dr. Michael Lovich

E51: POTS Diary with Kristen from Pennsylvania

E50: POTS Diary with Kelsey from Pennsylvania

E49: Grieving the Loss of Your Old Life with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

E48: POTS Diary with Jeannie, creator of The Zebra Club

E47: POTS Diary with John from Florida

E46: Neural Retraining with Dr. Kevin Lasko

E45: Diary with Russell from Washington

E44: Daniella from Melbourne, Australia

E43: Carbohydrates, Glucose Intolerance, and POTS with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E42: POTSmom Linda from Pennsylvania

E41: POTS Diary with HS Hockey Player Garrett from Minnesota

E40: Misbehaving Mast Cells with Dr. Lawrence Afrin

E39: POTS Diary with Ashley from Florida

E38: POTS Diary with Sandy from New York

E37: Relationship between POTS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E36: POTS Diary with our own Jill Brook

E35: POTS Diary with Mike from Arizona - from bedbound to the basketball court

E34: New Theory about POTS with Dr. Svetlana Blitshteyn

E33: POTS Diary with Cartoonist Rachel from Wisconsin

E32: POTS Diary with Sarah from Minnesota

E31: How POTS Affects Men: Mental Health Findings with Dr. Brooke Wagner and Dr. Cathy Pederson

E30: POTS Diary with Jackie from Arizona

E29: Is Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Part of your Picture?

E28: POTS Diary with Henry from the United Kingdom

E27: Building Blood Volume with Nutritionist Jill Brook

E26: POTS Diary with Keeya from Minnesota on Blogs, Dogs, Ticks and Humor

E25: Q-Collar as a Potential Treatment for POTS, with Dr. Heather Edgell

E24: POTS Diary with POTSpouse Mike B. from California

E23: What to do when you've been gaslighted with Dr. Katie Gorman-Ezell

E22: POTS Diary with Dysautonomia Support Network President Brooke O'Shea

E21: Mast Cells Causing Mayhem with Doctor of Naturopathy Beth O'Hara

E20: POTS Diary on the social (media) side of POTS with Kate

E19: Trouble sleeping? POTS could be to blame with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E18: Breathing Issues in POTS and COVID Long Haulers with physical therapist Noah Greenspan

E17: POTS Diary with Chelsea from Ohio

E16: POTS Diary with Rob from Alabama

E15: Quality of Life in POTS with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E14: A Winding Road Through POTS, Chiari, Ehlers-Danlos, and Tethered Cord with Dr. Michael Goodkin

E13: POTS, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) and Low Dose Naltrexone with Dr. Leonard Weinstock

E12: POTS Diary with Tanya from Utah

E11: School Accommodations for Chronically Ill K-12 Students with Dr. Brian Yontz and Dr. Cathy Pederson

E10: POTS Diary with Mom (Stacy) and Daughter (Emily) Power Duo

E9: POTS Down Under (Australia) with Clinical Nurse Consultant Marie-Claire Seeley

E8: POTS Diary with Carly from Arizona

E7: POTS and Orthostatic Intolerance with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E6: Hypermobility Disorders and Chronic Pain with Dr. Linda Bluestein

E5: POTS Diary of Lindsay from California

E4: Autonomic Nervous System 101 with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E3: Occupational Therapy Tips for POTS Patients with occupational therapist Joanna Behm

E2: POTS Diary with Lily, Inspiration for SUTP

E1: What is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)? with Dr. Cathy Pederson

E0: POTScast Introduction